Baby Manisha Sunkara
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Senior Front-End Developer

I want someone to pay Me 💰

For doing exciting and challenging position as a Senior Front-End Developer, to further enhance organisational worth owing to my knowledge in Frontend Technologies and full stack development. Expanding professional knowledge, improve work performance, making the right decisions to complete the work goals in time.

I Believe in my Skills & Abilities 📚

Covered 70% Not Bad ah!

Html, CSS, JavaScript, Vuejs, Vuex, Node, Ajax, JQuery, Bootstrap, W3CSS, SASS, SCSS, Webpack, Python, Django, ExpressJs, Socket.IO, Chart.js, Cytoscape, Java, JSON, MongoDB, Oracle, Postgres, Aws, Nginx, Docker, Git (https://github.com/babymanisha).

The only Source of Knowledge is Experience 👩🏻‍💻

Work Experience Timeline

! love Awards, Especially when ! get them🏆

🎖 Certificate of Appreciation for the year 2016 from Aviso Inc 🎖

#TalesOfTryingStuff 👩🏻‍🎨

>> Autotest (https://github.com/svpmtrust/autotest)

This project is for testing the coding skills of its aspirants, improves the aspirant’s enthusiasm towards the open source softwares and to conduct multiple contests in multiple places at a same time.

Companies like Aviso Inc, OpenPrise, 4IQ conducted many campus selections and recruited people from various universities and colleges like ISI, NIT, JNTU, VRSEC and so forth. As a team lead of “AutoTest” project, I am proud to say that till date all most all the employees in Aviso Inc.(Hyderabad branch) are recruited using this software.

>> Portal for learning Organisation (live project provided by WIPRO)

A new unique virtual interactive knowledge-based system with multimedia support acts an alternative to TV (for studying) hosting randomised audios, videos, etc on interesting topics. Thus the portal provides a single stop solution to gain knowledge on any area of subject.

>> Website for Students (http://mymcaonline.weebly.com/)

This is an educational website covers a wide range of academic learning, allowing students to supplement their studies with some additional knowledge.

The expert in anything was once a beginner! 🎓

My Oath✋🏻

I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

BabyManisha.Sunkara ️(https://babymanisha.com)

Vijayawada, India


Thanks for Hiring ME, I’ll make sure you don’t regret IT

U can drop my Offer Letter at babymaneesha@gmail.com

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Baby Manisha Sunkara

I am a front-end developer located in AP, India. I have 9+ yrs of professional experience in developing small to large-scale websites and web-applications.