My 10 Years Successful Love Journey

Baby Manisha Sunkara
3 min readJun 9, 2019


You are not just an Option to me, You are my Emotion..

A Friend named HTML:

I have a friend named “HTML”. He looks simple & very structured, it is so easy to deal with him. He helped me to communicate information over the world wide web. We are doing okay but we want to have some fun in life, then we joined with CSS.

Crush on CSS :

“Css’”— Awe!— He is super cool, super stylish, very expressive & I always have crush on him. When ever i see him, I feel so excited to know more about him. He makes my world colourful, I like that very much. Along with that he has some constraints.. But okay we 3 are doing well and having the fun.

After some time, I feel there is something else which is very important that i’m missing! — LIFE!

Then he entered in to my life — Mr. JS

—The Love Journey Begins:

I met this guy called “JavaScript”. I totally fell for him with the way he behaves, There is no constraints like with CSS. He is not that simple like HTML. Every Minute is different & a new story with him.Whenever he is with me I feel like I got my life back.

I can do many things just like that. He can do things completed as well. He won’t put any restrictions, there is nothing called ‘Strict’ with him, So that I no need worry and I can do what ever I want. He respects my privacy, So he never entire into my file system unless I say. He never makes me jealous by talking[executing] about the other ladies[programs] out there ;)

He know so many things, he understands my needs, he is ok if I change my decisions in middle of something(does not require a data type to be declared). If something is not right he will give sweet Warnings where at the place common people can’t find (console), So that I can be careful from next time. Even if I do any mistakes/ Errors, he will wait for me to correct that, So that it won’t ruin my life. The way he takes care of me makes me think to marry him.

We are in love from 10 years, We got married 5 years back. Now we are leading a happy life. BTW, We recently blessed with a kid named ‘ES6’ ;)

There is something new & interesting about him which will make me to know more about him and falling in love with him again & again..

He is like an actor, he has many faces, anyways I always like his Original face. I also like him very much when he is with a face called ‘Vue’. Because it plays very huge role in my life, It making me as ‘UI Tech Lead’. Now he is in a new character called ‘Node’. It transformed him as a “Complete Family Man” from a Client side lover boy. So now he can take care of the Server side responsibilities as well, which will makes my life easier and better. Now I have a chance to build my career as a ‘Full Stack Developer’.

If you are a non JS guy you may feel a little jealous about us. Huff — But we don’t care. Because.,

UI development — Managing HTML, CSS, JS, etc, etc is an Art. Not something that anyone can Act.”

Not a conclusion:

I am so proud of him and I always want to be with him. Can’t Imagine a day without him until..

I go Himalayas and get merged with my real one! Because priorities get change ;)

Yours Lovingly, Me!

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I am a front-end developer located in AP, India. I have Seven+ yrs of professional experience in developing small to large-scale websites and web-applications.