The Break-up Story🤫!!

Baby Manisha Sunkara
2 min readJun 25, 2022

Strictly for English known Telugu People…

In this pandemic😷, two things gotta happened to me

  1. The Great Resignation 📝 ( Yes “The Great” in bold okayy)
  2. Bro🥤 or the Break-up 💔 whatever

I know you huumanz🤖 are more interested in the Break-up story than the other..


It’s all started with a big NooO🙅‍♀️, and ended up like belowW👇..

Mr. Zomato 💁🏻‍♂️,

In 2019’s when u offered me the very first free double ka meeta on top of that Hyderabad Biryani full meal pack, I said No. But, u tried and tried nd tried, finally for the sake of extra choco-chips 🍫 & Ice-cream 🍧on the red velvet think shake I said yes, and I gave my phone number along with some space of my precious phone📱..

How Zomato Entered

Since then u requested, I accepted, u offered, I ordered, u dared, I cared.. but every time I’m the one who paid the bill💰, while u being chill 😎.. I even got ill 🤒, because of that pepper less panner meal🥙.. but I didn’t even unfriend you still..

How Zomato Cared / Disturbed

Whenever u notify 🔔me asking “thinnava baby”, I feel emotionally heavy😌.. I thought u caring for me, so rated u five ⭐️ play store lo vethiki maree..

How People rated

While I’m on an office call in zoom👩🏻‍💻, You are flirting with everyone in the room 👯. With no gender, age, region, and whatnot discrimination you started a flirtationship with everything 🦹🏻‍♀️🫢..

How Zomato tried

“Being a typical middle-class Telugu girl Prema ne cheppalenu possessiveness in dachukolenuu..”

I thought our relationship is like a pavitrabandamm🤝..Rather than keeping it as private🔐as possible, u panchipetting like palm plate’ing🤫

Zomato's flirtationship

Which is not funny, so from now, on u — I’m not spending any Penny..

Always the Best Customer🎖

Bebamma 👩🏻‍💻



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